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Bumper Man of Houston is the company which can cope with every auto repair, you may need. Our team is one of the preferred in Houston TX. During the years we’ve proved as one of the best auto bumper repair shops in the area. At our company work professionals who can provide you bumper replacement or repair at affordable prices. Bumper Man of Houston is a household name for a reason. Everyone knows the kind of the auto repair service that we give our customers. Our work speaks for itself. We are an established company with an upstanding reputation. Bumper Man of Houston has been at the same location in Houston TX for 21 years. Our customers have come to think of us as good friends. Many times, we have done work for the same customers time and time again because they have grown to have confidence in Bumper Man of Houston.

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Contact the professionals today Have you ever had wrecked auto bumpers? Have you ever needed bumper replacement? If this sounds like you, than you know how annoying having a run-down dilapidated bumper can be. Having a bumper in poor condition can make even the nicest vehicles look unkempt and poorly cared for. If you are living in the Houston TX area, you should not have to ride around with a messed up bumper. Here at Bumper Man of Houston, we specialize in getting your ride back in tiptop shape. We are a full service automotive garage, so we can take care of anything that you might need done in one pain free stop. When you need professional auto bumper repair service, we are the perfect company to do this.

auto body repairBumper repair services can be expensive especially if bumper replacement is the only option. However, here at Bumper Man of Houston, we do our best to save the old bumper so that you do not pay any more than you have to. Our full service technicians can take that beat-up bumper and make it look new again. We take care of everything from dent removal to sanding and painting. We will even chrome the bumper as long as it makes the customer happy. Our technicians are the best in the Houston TX area and are certified automotive mechanics and autobody workers. Our workers, at Bumper Man of Houston are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest repair techniques so that we can offer our customers the best possible service at the lowest possible prices. We believe that our clients deserve the best bumper repair services around and we will settle for nothing less but providing them with it.

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If you have auto bumpers that have seen better days please let us restore them to their former glory. Our company can provide you one of the best auto bumper repair services, you may find in the area. We offer knowledgeable friendly staff, great pricing and the best customer service in the area. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best. Give us, at Bumper Man of Houston a call at (713) 694-5900 to set up an appointment or drop by our shop in Houston TX. We look forward to seeing you and service your automotive needs.